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Responding to a Third-Party Subpoena

A third-party subpoena is a demand on a non-litigant to produce documents or information in connection with a legal proceeding. Third-party subpoenas are used during the discovery phase of civil…

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Trade Secrets and Employee Mobility: California Law and Best Practices

Trade secrets are information that is not generally known to others that has actual or potential economic value, which a company takes reasonable efforts to keep confidential. It may include…

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What happens if my cryptocurrency trading platform shuts down?

Once viewed as a fringe and highly volatile investment, cryptocurrency, also known as “crypto”, has become increasingly popular and mainstream, triggering plans for more regulation by the Securities and Exchange…

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What Do I Do if I Get a Government Subpoena?

What Steps Do I Take if I Get a Subpoena from a Government Agency? You were just served with a subpoena from a government agency. If your first response was…

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