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An Overview of How a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Assist You – Defense and Litigation Against the FBI, HHS, and IRS in California

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Few things command attention like federal offenses. Federal offenses are in a league of their own when compared to state-level charges, often reflecting alleged interstate crimes,…

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Financial Regulatory Agencies in California

California is a heavily regulated state. There are over 200 agencies regulating everything from job licensure requirements and clean air standards to recycling requirements and political practices. A significant amount…

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Pretrial Detention in Federal Criminal Cases

After a criminal arrest, the court must decide whether the defendant should be held in jail until the charges are resolved, which is generally referred to as being “detained,” or…

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Common Errors in Internal Investigations

Businesses often find themselves facing a situation calling for an internal investigation of misconduct, fraud, or other wrongdoing.  The problems requiring an investigation vary broadly in subject matter and severity. …

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What to Do If Your Company is the Victim of Theft or Embezzlement

Few things are as shocking as learning that a trusted employee or business partner has been stealing from you. In addition to dealing with the financial loss, you must also…

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Do Insurance Policies Have a Duty to Defend When a Crime is Alleged Against a Director or Officer?

 When a business is sued, the business entity is usually covered by insurance that provides funds to defend the lawsuit and to pay a settlement or judgment.  Many times, however,…

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When Do I Hire a Forensic Accountant?

Many commercial disputes and fraud cases (whether civil or criminal) turn on financial documents.  For example, questions of liability may be unanswerable without a financial tracing of how funds were…

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Switching Counsel: Should You Hire a Trial Attorney?

The decision to change or add counsel when you approach trial can be difficult.  In considering it, you may ask yourself a number of questions, but they can be boiled…

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Fraud Under California’s Civil Fraud Statute When a Contract is Fully Integrated

Sometimes business deals or financial transactions end poorly for one or both parties. When these disputes are litigated, it is often under a theory of breach of contract. But not…

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California’s Criminal Fraud Statutes

Used in everyday conversation, the word “fraud” can mean a lot of different things. The legal definition, however, is fairly straightforward. “Fraud” is an intentional misrepresentation (or knowing omission) to…

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