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How to Respond When a Federal Agent Wants to Question You

If you are contacted by federal law enforcement agents for an interview or to provide a voluntary statement, it is not unusual to react with anxiety. What could they possibly…

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An Investment Advisor’s Breach of Fiduciary Duty

AN INVESTMENT ADVISOR’S BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY Investment advisors have a fiduciary duty to their clients. A fiduciary duty is a legal obligation of the highest degree for one person…

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Responding to a Third-Party Subpoena

A subpoena is a demand to produce documents or to testify in connection with a legal proceeding.  In civil cases where a plaintiff is suing one or more defendants and…

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Trade Secrets and Employee Mobility: California Law and Best Practices

TRADE SECRETS AND EMPLOYEE MOBILITY: CALIFORNIA LAW AND BEST PRACTICES5Jun, 22 Trade secrets are information that is not generally known to others that has actual or potential economic value, which…

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What Do I Do if I Get a Government Subpoena?

WHAT STEPS DO I TAKE IF I GET A SUBPOENA FROM A GOVERNMENT AGENCY? You were just served with a subpoena from a government agency. If your first response was worry…

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