Commercial Disputes and Civil Fraud

Commercial Disputes and Civil Fraud

Experienced Litigation Attorneys for Commercial Disputes and Civil Fraud

Delahunty & Edelman LLP is a law firm dedicated to representing clients in complex and high-stakes commercial disputes. Whether you find yourself as a plaintiff or defendant, we offer aggressive advocacy in commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Our trial-tested approach, backed by extensive trial experience, allows us to provide valuable insights into the potential outcome of a trial and leverage that knowledge in negotiations. We believe that true trial expertise can only be gained through hands-on experience in the courtroom, which sets us apart from many other litigators.

Our Commitment to Effective Representation:

We prioritize obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients, focusing on the most efficient and strategic approaches. We don’t engage in unnecessary discovery requests or disputes, nor do we overstaff cases. We understand that you need results, and we won’t waste your resources on unnecessary actions.

Areas of Expertise:

We represent clients in various business and commercial disputes, including:

Breach of Contract:

Contracts form the basis of many business disputes. Whether it’s a disagreement over performance or an allegation of fraud, we assist businesses in resolving contract breaches. For instance, we handle disputes involving false representations by partners in a partnership agreement regarding asset valuation or liability. We frequently assist with founders’ disputes, especially those involving fraud allegations.

Civil Fraud:

Fraudulent conduct can occur in business settings, and defending against accusations or asserting claims of fraud requires experienced representation. We are adept at addressing allegations of misconduct, such as embezzlement or bribery by employees, and handling disputes involving founders or owners of a company.

Business Torts:

We advocate for plaintiffs and defendants in business tort claims involving losses ranging from $200,000 to $40 million. These claims encompass various areas, including breach of fiduciary duty, negligent misrepresentation, defamation, civil theft, conversion, tortious interference with contract, conspiracy, misappropriation of trade secrets, and civil RICO.

Experienced Litigation Lawyers Serving San Francisco, California, and Nationwide:

When your business has suffered harm or faces accusations in a commercial dispute, proactive and strategic preparation is vital for success. At Delahunty & Edelman LLP, we take a strategic approach, taking into account your business, financial, and reputational interests to achieve the most advantageous outcome. We aim to resolve disputes efficiently and cost-effectively, but we are also prepared to vigorously litigate when necessary to protect our clients’ best interests.

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