We interviewed three firms. It was clear that most of them were prepared to handle the matter through a boilerplate response, but as we pressed to understand how they might approach the unique nature of our case the reception was cold. We felt that our options were limited and without a more committed attorney would fail. Then, we met Patrick Delahunty.

From the start of our communications with Patrick, we realized that his experience as a prosecutor and his commitment to his clients’ specific needs set him apart. He was taking the time to listen, to understand, and to tailor his proposed approach to our case. Unlike the other attorneys that we interviewed, Patrick appreciated the nuances of our position, and we hired his firm because we felt that he would take the time to deliver a more targeted and therefore more successful response. We were right. Through Patrick’s hard work and the rigor of his investigation, we prevailed. The outcome is entirely attributable to Patrick’s commitment to us. It was clear from the detail of his work product and even more clear in the final result.

Small Business Owner

During one of the most challenging and traumatic seasons of my life, other than nearly losing my daughter, I was thankfully referred to Patrick and Will. The instant care I received was unexpected and exactly what I needed. They have handled my case with care and absolute precision. Being able to sit with two people who genuinely care about you as a person and what you are going through lessened my anxiety even in times of real fear. They took the time to know the story of my life, my case, and gained a real understanding of who I am. It is not only their pedigree that sets them apart, it is also truly who they are in the world. They have encouraged me when I needed it personally, took this horrible situation into their firm and helped guide me through it, and have exceeded all my expectations. To say I am grateful is an understatement.


I was referred to the office of Delahunty & Edelman LLP for an urgent situation involving federal restitution. Immediately, I was impressed by Mr. Delahunty’s attention to detail, level of engagement, and commitment in working towards an amenable resolution. Mr. Delahunty is an extremely professional, sincere, responsive and competent lawyer. He understood the urgency of the situation and strategized with me on our approach. He kept me informed throughout the process, consulted with me on key decision points and managed expectations very well. Most importantly, Mr. Delahunty is sincere in his approach and made time to return phone calls or emails promptly despite his hectic schedule. With Mr. Delahunty’s involvement, I was able to achieve resolution in a timely manner. I am most grateful to have his professional support throughout the process. He is an incredible attorney.

Software Developer

Using Delahunty and Edelman, I successfully sued a large corporation over a software contract dispute. They were recommended to me by another lawyer. I found them highly professional and extremely knowledgeable, and I was impressed with how well they grasped the complexities of my case. They kept me fully informed during the entire litigation, and I could not have been more delighted in the result.


I worked with Patrick and Will after receiving strong recommendations from close friends. My case was very complex, as it required interactions with multiple and different state courts, so the lawyers needed to be very knowledgeable. It was also my first involvement in litigation, so I was extremely nervous. Patrick and Will were both confident, but at the same very realistic about what our situation was. They spent several hours going through the background of my case and asking key questions. I would say the best quality they had as a team was the ability to explain the different scenarios that could come if we took a given decision. Not only were they always right, but they were also prepared for the next step. Patrick and Will were very knowledgeable, prepared, responsive and detail-oriented. Another important quality that they had was that they were client oriented, focusing on ways to save time and money

Technology Company Founder

There are few things companies and their boards dread more than litigation, but when faced with it, you want an advocate who will proactively protect your rights and help you achieve a positive outcome. When we met Delahunty & Edelman LLP, we knew immediately we were with the right firm. Despite the complexities and intricacies of the matter, they guided us, broke it down into clear options and set us up for success. There is no question that Patrick and Will have the training, temperament, and mind-set to navigate their clients to a great result.

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