White Collar Criminal Defense

White Collar Criminal Defense


Allegations of so-called “white collar” criminal offenses require a different type of legal defense. These cases frequently turn upon the intent of the person accused of wrong doing. For the government, this is a difficult fact to establish. As a result, the government commonly assembles vast amounts of evidence, whether it is documents, witness statements, or expert opinions, to show that an individual has intentionally stolen money or deceived others for gain (which is the core of any white collar crime—regardless of how it is charged). Rebutting the government’s case frequently involves an assessment of all this evidence before formulating the best defense. In the wrong hands, this effort can be inefficient or ineffective, or worse: both.

When our clients are involved in government investigations, our focus is to defend their interests thoroughly and zealously. Our goal is to resolve such matters discreetly and efficiently without our clients’ challenges resulting in an enforcement action or criminal charge. We know, however, that such outcomes are not always possible. When litigation is unavoidable, Delahunty & Edelman LLP is committed to leveraging the experience and determination of its partners to provide unwavering support and vigor in defending our clients.

White Collar Criminal Defense in San Francisco and Throughout California

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When is Time to Hire an Attorney?

At the first indication of allegations, or knowledge of facts, that could lead to an investigation into wrongdoing, it is wise to consult with an attorney to understand your options and mitigate your legal risks. Individuals who are innocent of the allegations against them should not assume that there is no need to prepare a robust legal defense. Just as the facts leading to the allegation of a white-collar crime are often complex, so are the various considerations and implications of such allegations on an individual’s personal and professional life and finances.

Charges of fraud, corruption, financial crimes, and other white collar offenses typically result from extensive criminal investigations. The best possible outcome is to avoid charges being brought against you in the first place. Developing a proactive defense whenever possible and a swift legal response to charges is extremely advantageous in absolving you of all allegations or mitigating the charges against you. If you have already been charged with a white collar offense, our first goal is to speak with the prosecution to ideally dismiss the charges against you or negotiate the lowest charge possible, when necessary.

The next step is often to examine all of the evidence against you and work to exclude as much of it as possible from being presented in court. When incriminating evidence is admitted, we work to develop the best strategy to cast as much reasonable doubt as possible on the prosecution’s evidence and arguments. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to white collar defense. Our attorneys work to understand the details and nuances of your background, your case, and the unique legal and practical issues presented with the goal of resolving the matter with as little impact to our clients’ legal, financial, professional, and personal affairs as possible.

Unique Defense Strategies Matter

As former federal prosecutors with significant private-sector and law enforcement experience, our attorneys are deeply familiar with government investigations and all stages of litigation in white collar criminal proceedings. Our experience working on both sides of these cases helps us provide targeted and efficient defense strategies. We are in a much better position to separate the signal from the noise when evaluating the government’s case, or evaluating if the government may bring a case. This has been a substantial advantage for our clients.

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